The 2018 Momentum Health Tankwa Trek, presented by Biogen, gets underway this Friday and cycling fans will be able to follow the action live throughout as some of the world’s best mountain bikers race for stage and general classification honours. The event will boast live coverage on Twitter, with highlights on Facebook and YouTube for the first two stages, there after the final stage will be broadcast live on the race’s website and Facebook page.

Dryland Event Management pioneered the live coverage of mountain biking events on Twitter at the Momentum Health Cape Pioneer Trek, presented by Biogen, in 2015.  With a dedicated operator covering the race from a motorbike on Twitter fans were able to track the key moments of each stage like never before.

The Momentum Health Tankwa Trek, presented by Biogen, also has a rich history of excellent race coverage and each year the improved cell phone coverage in the area has allowed the Dryland media team to provide updates from increasingly remote sections of the route. The most spectacular section, the famed Houdenbek singletracks, of stage three have always remained a challenge however as the rocky outcrops through which the trails weave play havoc with cellular reception. In order to make live coverage of this key part of the route possible BreedeNet, Dryland Event Management’s WISP partner, have set up a Wi-Fi grid throughout the Houdenbek trails which will allow Bigshot Media to beam the images from the trails live, to mountain biking fans around the world.

While the live Twitter coverage on stages one and two will be performed by the in-house media team the live broadcast of stage three will be executed by Bigshot Media. Bigshot Media have long been Dryland’s sole television production company and the Bigshot Media team know the routes and spirit of the Tankwa Trek as well as any of the Dryland crew. This intimate knowledge of the event provides them with the know-how to cover the event perfectly and also the intuition to anticipate when the elite riders will make decisive moves.

Speaking ahead of the race Mark le Roux, of Bigshot Media, said: “The live stream broadcast of the last day of the Tankwa Trek will include highlights of the first two stages. The show will be professionally packaged and I am sure very entertaining, especially given the quality of mountain bikers taking part. The viewers will be brought up to speed before we bring them live coverage of the racing, set against the backdrop of incredible scenery of the Koue Bokkeveld. This event is close to my heart and we will do everything we can to show mountain bike fans the world’s best at play in the Momentum Health Tankwa Trek, presented by Biogen.”

The iconic ascent of the Merino Monster, on Stage 2, is the race’s ultimate proving ground. Photo by Zoon Cronje.

Also joining the media team for the Tankwa Trek is Extreme Sport Live. Extreme Sport Live will be covering the lifestyle side of the event, showcasing the trials and tribulations of the non-elite riders who make up the vast majority of the field. These stories have traditionally gone untold and it is Extreme Sport Live’s mandate to bring to light the tales of individual successes – defined by conquering personal goals.

Mountain biking fans will be able to follow the Momentum Health Tankwa Trek, presented by Biogen, in the following ways. On Twitter @tankwatrek, as the race unfolds, live daily from 06:30. On Facebook Momentum Health Tankwa Trek presented by Biogen – where fans will be able to read situation updates from water points during each stage, watch daily highlights and the final stage live, from 06:30. And on the event’s website – – from where the final stage will be broadcast live from 07:15 on Sunday the 11th of February. Additional coverage will be available in the form of Instagram posts and stories on the @drylandza Instagram account and across the Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts, as well as the website – – of Extreme Sport Live. Follow the action from Friday the 9th to Sunday the 11th of February 2018.

Stage 3 of the Momentum Health Tankwa Trek, presented by Biogen, which weaves its way through the impressive sand stone outcrops of the Houdenbek Farm, will be broadcast live on and on the event’s Facebook page. Photo by Zoon Cronje.

Tankwa Trek Key Coverage Details
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Start Time(s) 06:30 | Daily 06:30 | Daily 07:15 | Stage 3 15:00 | Daily
Key Platform(s) Twitter Facebook & Instagram Facebook & Website Facebook & YouTube
Twitter @tankwatrek @extremesportliv  N/A @tankwatrek
Facebook Tankwa Trek Extreme Sport Live Tankwa Trek Tankwa Trek
Instagram @drylandza @extremesportlive N/A N/A
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