The Dryland Team

Our team consists of a group of passionate people with years of experience within their specialized field that share our core values and dedication.

Together, our mission is to create world-class sporting events that expose local and overseas athletes to the unspoiled beauty of our country, whilst making a real, lasting contribution to the socio-economic upliftment of the areas that host the events.


Henco Rademeyer

Managing Director & Co-founder

Carel Herholdt

Financial Director & Co-Founder

Bernard Le Roux

Operations & Logistics Director

Administrative & Finance

Yolandi Ellis

Event Administrative Manager

Brandon Iverach

Financial Manager

Ruhnice Lourens

Finance Assistant

Marketing, Media and Communications

Suné Van Wyk

Marketing, Social media, Websites & Communications

Isabel Grimbeek

Marketing, Media, Design & Communications

Event Hospitality

René Rademeyer

Operations & Logistics

Operations & Logistics

Operations & Logistics

Dawie Campher

Route & Logistics Assistant

Derick Everts

Route & Logistics Assistant

Route & Logistics Assistant

Reagan Piedt

Route & Logistics Assistant


Henties de Villiers

Route Director

Afrika Tarentaal

Assistant Route Director

The Dryland Group

Dryland Event Management is a dynamic team that currently owns and operates 13 cycling and trail running events of which 3 are UCI (International Cycling Union) accredited races attracting competitors from all over the globe. Our events ranges from one-day races to seven-day stage races. Dryland is without a doubt South Africa’s premier event organizer with a passion for events and sports.

Dryland Africa facilitates most of our rental services and is a professional event management outfit with more than 15 years of experience in the industry. We manage some of the most marketable and valuable properties in the adventure sports industry and offer strong logistical and operational support to these as well as various other events.

Dryland Ride brings adventure back with corporate, leisure and mountain bike tours for riders of all levels, through some of the most majestic parts of Southern Africa.

Guided at all times with vehicle hop-on services and transfers on hand at all times, it makes the unforgettable achievable.


Extending our green footprint at our events as well as conducting these events in an environmentally responsible manner and focus to minimize waste forms an integral part of our core strategy.

Minimize our waste footprint

We strive to minimize our waste footprint at our events and are willing to ensure that we remove our waste in totality from the event location onto a recycling centre. So often event’s waste ends up in a local landfill site – this is what we want to prevent. In conjunction with this approach our goal is to support and educate local communities on the importance of leaving behind a preserved environment. We achieve this by empowering them through strategic employment in the recycling process.

Alien vegetation

We are committed to eradicate alien vegetation which results in new water being created annually by means of our events and route building techniques. All our events are water-neutral which means we create on average about 5000 cubic metres of new water throughout a year.