Name: Jade Jon de Hutton

Occupation: IT Business Analyst

Home Town: Cape Town

Years of Riding: 4

Favourite riding terrain: Long climbs and flowing singletrack

Dryland Events Completed:

  • Attakwas x 2
  • Cape Pioneer Trek x 1
  • Dryland Traverse x 1

Social Media Handles: Twitter @jadedpiglet | Instagram @jadedpiglet

Introducing: Jade de Hutton.

Introducing: Jade de Hutton.

Dryland: Tell us a bit more about yourself, how did you get into cycling?

Did a few years of social Wines2whaling with friends then somehow got myself an Attakwas entry, ended up saying yes to a few Mountain Bike Magazine ride reviews and realised I needed to seriously up my game.

Dryland: What is your favourite Dryland event and why?

Probably Pioneer – it was a mix of incredible riding terrain and trails combined with the element of fun and true spirit that is Dryland.

Jade in action at her favourite event.

Jade in action at her favourite event.

Dryland: Aside from Dryland events what was the most enjoyable event you’ve completed?

Without a doubt it would be Expedition Africa 500km non-stop adventure race!

Dryland: How do you manage to balance your work commitments and training?

I am lucky that I don’t work a completely full day and manage to combine cross training of biking and running with social interaction. I don’t ever really feel like I’m training as I love doing sport surrounded by friends in this beautiful place we live. I don’t take myself seriously – it’s got to be fun.

Dryland: What to date has been your toughest experience on the bike?

Tankwa Trek. It was hot as hell and the going was hard. Incredible riding but the most extreme terrain. My partner Steve had to push my bike sometimes and I could hardly walk I felt so sick. For the rest of the weekend I could hardly eat. In fact I could hardly even drink beer which was even tougher!

Toughest race? The Momentum Health Tankwa Trek, presented by Biogen.

Toughest race? The Momentum Health Tankwa Trek, presented by Biogen.

In one word… cycling is: